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The 10 Best Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands

The 10 Best Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands

Did you know: 20% of industrial water pollution is due to the fashion industry? A shocking amount of resources is needed to simply make a pair of jeans.

The current environmental situation requires each of us to think carefully about what we buy and how we buy clothing. We owe it to future generations to consider the impact of our purchases.

But what are the best eco-friendly clothing brands? And how can you make greener decisions while buying clothes?

Keep reading to find out!

1. Collina Strada

This New York-based brand is working hard to provide sustainable fashion choices in several ways. They use 'deadstock fabrics' which means the pieces of material that other fashion houses dispose of or cast aside.

This has a double benefit as, firstly, less fabric heads to landfill sites, but also, it saves the water and other resources that would be used to create new fabrics.

What's more, Collina Strada has partnered with The OR Foundation who encourage sustainable living and fight against fast fashion.

2. Ministry of Supply

If you're looking for eco-friendly business wear, look no further than Ministry of Supply. They specialize in classic yet stylish work clothing for both men and women.

Behind the clean shapes and simple designs is an environmentally driven purpose. They use recycled material and are a carbon-neutral business. Finally, they are introducing a zero plastic initiative across their business thanks to advanced technologies.

3. Things I Wanna Say

Well of course we had to feature here somewhere! Have you checked out our eco-friendly tees yet? They're available for both men and women and come in a range of colors and sizes.

Or, show your support for the environment with our 'Be Green' t-shirt! Made from 100% cotton, it's the perfect way to show people you're doing your part to be eco-friendly.

4. MUD Jeans

Jeans, although normally one of the most environmentally damaging garments, are redeemed by MUD jeans. They sell a variety of recycled and new jeans for both men and women.

They are completely transparent about their manufacturing process: from sourcing material, to what goes on in their factories. This is a purchase you can make with an easy conscience.

They offer the innovation of leasing a pair of jeans: you pay a monthly fee to 'borrow' your jeans, and as soon as they become too worn or 12 months have passed, you are able to swap them in for a new pair. MUD then re-uses the denim material.

5. Paper London

Paper London's swimwear is leading the way for reusing non-degradable materials. Their swimsuits are partially made from recycled fishing nets which can take more than 500 years to degrade otherwise.

This material which is usually destined for landfill sites is hence given a second life, in the form of fashionable bikinis and one-pieces. Removing recycled fishing nets from the oceans is also an important step for saving the lives of fish and sea mammals, who can become suffocated by the plastic.

In the early days of the brand, revisiting a once pristine beach found covered in litter drove their creative director to place fighting climate change and pollution at the center of their business.

6. Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher has long been a pioneer of eco-friendly clothing. The brand offsets whatever carbon they produce during the manufacturing and distribution processes.

They have recycled more than 1.4 million items of clothing since 2010 - that's a lot of clothes! They also resell clothing that is still in good condition, allowing someone else to profit from a beautiful garment.

Finally, with a focus on classic rather than trendy items of clothing, they hope to encourage long ownership as opposed to renewing your wardrobe year after year.

7. Tree Tribe

Tree Tribe is doing something quite incredible for the environment. They are planting ten trees for every sale they make, which means they have now planted more than 400,000 trees in over 12 countries!

They sell a variety of clothing and accessories for both sexes including: yoga pants, water bottles, t-shirts, and wallets.

Their wallets and bags utilize a 'leaf leather' material that is made from fallen teak leaves, and creates strong and water-resistant designs that have the added bonus of causing no animal cruelty.

8. Sonia Carrasco

Sonia Carrasco is pushing the boundaries when it comes to recycling materials and avoiding waste. They ensure that every material they use - not just the clothing items - is sustainable or organic.

So, this extends to all paper, packaging, promotional material, and labels. You can order their products online, knowing that this will cause the least amount of environmental damage possible.

Sustainability is at the core of the brand's ethos, and they believe that by focusing on quality over quantity, they can rebuild the world's ecosystem that has been so damaged in recent years.

9. Faherty

Faherty is a top-quality brand that specializes in recyclable materials that are kind to your skin. They use fabrics such as hemp, cashmere, and cotton which feel soft and smooth to wear, but are also great for the environment.

They are a family business, which sells a wide range of extremely wearable clothing for men and women. They are also selling breathable face masks to help get us through the current coronavirus pandemic.

10. Linenfox

Finally, Linenfox is a fashion brand you should be aware of. As their name suggests, they deal primarily in linen, and the linen they use is entirely sustainably sourced.

Linen is a durable and affordably-priced fabric, which means you can help the environment while also dressing well.

They operate on a zero-waste agenda, meaning that scrap material is reused. Their womenswear range is also easily customizable as they willingly adjust their products to fit you perfectly. 

Now You Know the Best Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands

There are so many wonderful companies making strides in eco-friendly fashion. As we've seen, there are many ways they are able to help the environment while also making fashionable items.

Which of the best eco-friendly clothing brands will you shop at?

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