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Oh Boy! 5 DIY Disney Family Shirts Ideas

Oh Boy! 5 DIY Disney Family Shirts Ideas

A family holiday is a real adventure, particularly if you are en route to the Magic Kingdom! But with all the wonder and excitement a vacation provides, how can you sprinkle it with fairy dust and make it that extra bit special?

One way is to make your own themed family clothing. This can be a great way to bring the family together and build some excitement for the coming trip. Below, we give 5 ideas of how you can make DIY family Disney shirts.

Tear up the Bedsheets

This is a great idea if you want to get crafting with the children and have some old duvets covers or bedsheets lying around the house. Even if you don't, locating Disney fabric or sheets is not hard or expensive, so try to find something featuring your favorite characters!

The aim is to use the design and patterns on the sheet to decorate your own shirt using cut out panels. Cut out a square from the sheet or fabric, which shows your favorite picture or pattern. Leave an extra 1 or 2cm around the image.

Next, fold in and stitch the panel to the front, back, or sleeve of the shirt. You can create a ragged stitch for a DIY look or turn the edges in for a more chic style. The shirt will look so unique, you may even get people asking where you bought it!

A hint with this is that it can look great on denim. Shorts, jeans, and particularly denim jackets look super cool when done in this way.

Stencils and Paint

Our next idea gets very messy, so you may need to put down plastic sheeting or move outside. For little hands, get them an apron or some old clothing to wear. Finally, you will need fabric paint, card, pencils, scissors, and your shirts. 

The idea for this is to make a stencil featuring an iconic Disney shape. Cut out the stencil using scissors and lay it down onto the T-Shirt. Make sure it is secured in place, particularly if you are outside. 

Now choose some colors and apply paint to the T-Shirt. You can paint with a brush, drip or flick the paint on in a Jackson Pollock style, or even spray paint if you are feeling brave. When you are finished, let the paint dry before removing the stencils. 

Easy to create stencils work best. The Mickey ears silhouette and Spiderman's logo are excellent choices that will work for a DIY Disney family T Shirt.

Batik Designs 

Using batik is fun and rewarding. However, it can be messy and uses hot wax along with dye, so it may not be suitable for very young children. You will also need to source some specialist batik wax and equipment, along with fabric dyes. 

Batik is a wax from Indonesia. You apply it to fabric, then add dye. The wax stops the dye from running into the places you applied the batik, so when you remove the wax your areas will be left clean against the background of the dye. It should look amazing when you have finished. 

Start by melting the wax and laying out your shirts. Use the batik tjanting needles (they look like a metal blade on a brush handle) to paint on the wax. Draw in your favorite Disney characters and scenes.

Different needles are available for different levels of detail, so if you are good at drawing you can get into fine line work. Once it has dried, you can add the dye. You have two choices here:

The first one is to get traditional paintbrushes and paint on the dye. This may be better if you have small children involved.

The second option is to create a dye bath. Add the fabric dye to water then place your T-Shirt into the bath. Make sure it still has the wax on. 

Remove it, let the T-Shirt dry then pick off the wax. You should have an awesome DIY Disney family T-Shirt! 

DIY Family Disney Shirts With Patches

Patches are a great way to customize T-Shirts and clothing, and relatively inexpensive. You can find them online, at local craft stores, or even auctions. For a really cool and unique look, try and locate some vintage Disney patches. 

Once you have them, you can apply them to your shirt. It is best to add them to a thick shirt or denim, as some older patches can rub on the skin if applied to lighter fabric T-Shirts. Check with the patch and T-Shirt you are using and base it on your judgment. 

Patches will either be applied with a stitch, though many of them can be iron-on. Simply remove the peelable sticker on the back, apply to your garment, and press with a hot steam iron from behind. 

Fabric Pens

Finally, the easiest but one of the most fun ways to create a DIY Disney family T-Shirt is to get some fabric pens. These are just like colored pens you would use in school, but they stay on fabric when washed. You can use them to draw directly onto the fabric. 

If you are using a light T-Shirt, you can actually print off images from a computer, pull the fabric tight and place the image behind. You now have a great way to trace all of the cool Disney images right onto the fabric. 

Wear Them in Style

Once you have your amazing DIY family Disney shirts, wear them in style! Try to accessorize with some great Disney merchandise such as Mickey ears, hats, and bracelets. Most of all, treasure that vacation time with your family. 

If you need more stylish, imaginative, and unique T-Shirts for your vacation then visit our store. We have selections for men, women, and children so you look stylish throughout your vacation. Let us dress you for the big trip!