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7 Tips for How to Save Money on Clothes Shopping

7 Tips for How to Save Money on Clothes Shopping

The average family spends about $1800 on clothing per year. If that is your family, or you are one of the higher spenders, but you want to cut costs, then this article going to be a big help. You will read about 7 tips on how to save money on clothes.

Don't worry, cutting the cost doesn't mean you have to cut your style. When you learn to shop savvy and save money on your clothes, it may mean you have more money left over for your treats in life.

You are always going to need to buy clothes, but the tips you learn here you will be able to re-use. Think of this article as a gift coupon that you can redeem again and again. 

1. Know Your Own Wardrobe

This is one of the most basic pre-requisites of saving money on clothes. The first thing you need to know with certainty is what's lurking in your wardrobe. Have a good root through all your clothes and organize them into piles.

Clothes that you haven't worn for many months, or even a year, mean that you don't need it or don't like it. That doesn't include special occasion clothes. These will have their own pile. 

The point is that you need to have a clearer idea of what clothes you actually need or want to add to your wardrobe, so to speak. Don't impulse buy, but shop for what you need, that is to say, shop with purpose. This will save you a small fortune in clothes that end up in the reject pile.

2. Look After the Clothes You Already Have

You might be frustrated at this point that we haven't even got to the shops yet. Still, it is a solid point. If you look after the clothes you have, you won't need to replace them as often.

In fact, some items of clothing look better and feel better with age. So, you want to keep the clothes you do buy for as long as is reasonable. Wash them on a cool wash and hang dry them if possible, this small step may add years of life to well-loved garments.

3. Let's Go Shopping - Where?

The location and type of shop will make a big difference in the price tag. You can search for 'thrift' stores in your area that sell lightly used new clothes with big discounts. If you live in a wealthy area, you would be amazed at what branded clothing treasures will turn up in charity shops. 

If you insist on buying new, then search the internet for the discount stores in your area. Be cautious of large discount outlet malls. Sometimes the original price is inflated to a 'recommended retail price' and the discount isn't that significant.

Plus, the quality of clothing may not be the same as other stores. Some businesses produce inferior quality items to specifically sell on discount at those locations.

Whatever you decide, don't buy it just because it is on sale, only buy what you need. Don't forget there are many good options for buying clothes online as well.

4. Buy What Other People Don't Want

Most people don't want to spend a lot of money on a winter coat when the weather is good. The same is true in the winter, they don't want to buy shorts. So, look for seasonal sales, such as the end of winter sales or end of summer sales and you could save big. 

It will mean you will have clothes that you will have to wait to use, but once you have cleaned out your wardrobe you will have no problem storing them. Your bargain winter coat will feel even warmer when you think about how much money you saved buying it in the summer.

5. General Think Generic

There are numerous basic clothing items that we need and wear very often. These general clothing types are better purchased from inexpensive generic brands rather than premium brands. Remember that premium brands will be more expensive and likely wear out faster.

The same principle holds true for professional clothes. These can be very expensive because we wear them so often and they wear out. Better to buy cheaper basics from generic brands and combine with a few top-quality garments.

6. Beg, Borrow (Don't Steal)

There are some occasions where we're looking for that one item of clothing to complete a 'look' for some particular event in our life. If you're going to wear it once, don't buy it but try to borrow it from a friend. 

In fact, good friends can borrow each other's clothing and that makes it all the more fun. So, before you rush out to buy, think about what you have seen your friends wearing first. 

7. Organize a Swap Shop

Swap shops are where you have that big clear out from your wardrobe and then invite your friends over. They bring their unwanted clothes and you set up clothing rails, etc. so that your friends can 'browse' through what is available. 

One person's discarded garment is another person's need. You will be amazed at how much fun this can be. Combine the occasion with food and drink, and you will have a blast. 

How to Save Money on Clothes - Last Thought

In this article, you have read about 7 great ways on how to save money on clothes. You don't have to spend a fortune to look good and stylish. Follow these tips and the savings will pile up like those old unwanted clothes you have thrown out from your wardrobe.

This is just the beginning. There are other ways to save money too. Many of these 'saving' principles can also be applied to shopping for clothes on the internet.

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