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7 Cool Biker Shirts to Check Out

7 Cool Biker Shirts to Check Out

Biking has become your latest pastime and passion. It started with road biking, but then your buddy dragged you out for mountain biking one day. Or maybe you wanted a little more speed and got motivated to take a lap on a dirt bike track.

Either way, biking has brought new vigor to your life, but unfortunately, it’s taking a toll on your wardrobe.

You’ve realized that you don’t have the right sweat-wicking gear to wear on your rides. But how do you know what biker shirts are worth the purchase?

Your biking apparel can determine your comfort and protection on the trails, roads, and tracks. Here’s what to look for to find the best cool biker shirts and keep your everyday clothes from getting ruined.

1. Road Bike Shirts

Finding the ideal cycling shirt can be a trying task. All of the brands promote their products as breathable and comfortable, but not all of them are.

You want to avoid chafing or overheating in your biking shirts, and you don’t want them billowing in the wind while you’re flying down the road.

Make sure to try on different sizes and brands. Depending on the temperatures where you live, you may want to stick to short sleeves and layer with other moisture-wicking bike layers.

Also, you’ll want to focus on sporting goods stores for an authentic and quality product made specifically for road biking.

2. Dirt Bike Shirts

Depending on your competitiveness in dirt biking and the length of rides you’ll be committing to, you’ll want to consider different kinds of gear.

Dirt biking shirts will most commonly be long-sleeved. You’ll also want to ensure proper ventilation, especially for spending hours on the track. Durability is also key here, as your dirt biker shirts may be enduring a lot of different kinds of impact.

If you’re training for a more long-distance endurance ride, buying a piece of gear that can endure long hours and impact will be paramount. There are specific enduro-shirts manufactured to last all day (and night) long.

The rest of your dirt bike gear will affect how much you enjoy your ride, so make sure you’re properly equipped to last the whole track.

3. Mountain Bike Shirts

Mountain biking shirts don’t have to be as tight-fitting as road biking shirts will be. You’ll want a little more flexibility for turning down trails and jumping off rocks.

The looser fit will allow for more breathability. Your mountain biking shirts should be adaptable so they can keep you warm at the top of the trail and help cool you off when you’re finished and sweating at the bottom.

Extra padding and fabric can also help protect you if you take a dive and tumble down the trail. Let’s be honest, it happens to the best of us. It’s best to be prepared so you can make it down the trail in one piece.

4. Motorcycle Shirts

While motorcycling apparel can vary greatly from the dirt biking and mountain biking gear, it is still part of the riding community. You’ll still want some protection from wind or weather, but it can also be more casual.

For all the feminine motorcyclists out there, there are specific women’s biker shirts available to femme-up your ride if that’s your style.

If you’re not looking to shell out a ton of money on your biker gear, there are ways to find affordable clothing and save money on all your bike apparel.

Once you find a style or graphic that appeals to you, you can confidently rock it on your next group ride.

5. Long Sleeve vs Short Sleeve Shirts

The length of sleeve that you want to wear is dependent on several factors, including the weather and type of bike ride you’ll be taking.

For chilly weather, you can still wear short-sleeve biking shirts as a base layer, but you may want to add an additional moisture-wicking layer on top to keep your core warm.

If it’s raining or snowing, you may also want your arms and wrists covered so you can power through your ride without getting too cold.

In warmer climates, you will definitely want to stick to short sleeve shirts. You might even consider a cycling tank top, but make sure you wear sunscreen to save your shoulders from a nasty burn.

6. Shirts with Storage

Whether you want built-in pockets on your biker shirts will depend on the distance and kind of ride you plan on taking.

For longer rides, it’s best to bring a pack with snacks, a tire repair kit, and other supplies. For shorter rides, you may only need your keys and maybe your phone, which can fit snugly into a built-in shirt pocket.

7. Shirts for Minimalists

For the minimalist rider, you might opt-out of the pockets or a backpack. A simple strap-on pack on the back of your seat might be enough to hold everything you’ll need without feeling weighed down by your belongings.

If your minimalism also includes environmentalism, you might consider doing some extra research to find eco-friendly clothing brands.

Your investment in earth-friendly fabrics and sustainable companies is an important contribution to improving our climate and making sure you can keep hitting the trails.

Best Biker Shirts

The best biker shirts for you are the ones that fit your chosen biking style and environment. You don’t have to be a pro biker to invest in quality gear.

The right biking shirts can only make your rides better. They’ll keep you on the road, the trails, and the track, no matter where you ride or if you fall.

Find great shirts for every part of your life, even random hobbies and pastimes, and rep your passions every day.